Cítit se krásná je naší každodení touhou. Nejen lépe vypadat, ale hlavně mít sama ze sebe tenot pocit.


     The essence of beauty is sensuality, radiance, naturalness and realness. But what is beauty? Is there a definition for the word beauty? Is beauty only an ephemeral form of youth? Is a person who is beautiful for someone inevitably beautiful for another person? Beauty isn’t youth, beauty isn’t universal, beauty is not a definition. Let yourself be guided, let the unique character of your skin speak for itself.
At every age our current physiological state requires cosmetics to respect these realities. To respect the character of our skin in time and space.


     Modern trends in cosmetics are not just following the development of the most efficient active substances - they are changing the way the skin itself is perceived. The skin isn’t only a passive protective barrier, it is an inseparable part of our self and it reflects our overall psychological and physical state. It is a mirror of emotions as well as of our current overall condition. Healthy skin is one of the most important elements in the overall impression one makes.
Therefore, we speak about the singular and unique personality of the skin – the “Skin Ego”. The Skin Ego is part of our specific identity: it expresses the mutual relationship between our psyche, thoughts and emotions and the skin and it is part of the most modern trends in cosmetic care. Biovitality cosmetics facilitate the full development of this “cooperation” between the psyche and the skin, allowing you to be satisfied, happy and full of self confidence…. in other words - beautiful.